I feel crowned; do you?



I feel crowned; do you?

Edits : aatif ahmed .

Sometimes we become so skeptical that we feel affronted by our own hijab. We assume that we wouldn’t look prettier than the ones who don’t cover their head. Does that depict that we have a stronger iman? Or is it the vice-versa?

I took up hijab recently (Thank goodness!) .This happened when I was in utter solitude. ‘When no one’s around you, then it’s just your lord beside you’. (not being religious though) I had always been narcissist. I flaunted my looks ,showing my head, fancying my hair and so on. I was lost in disgrace. I suppose I was panged in sorrows, regrets and deceived by imbecile. Only my faith and my belief could rescue me out, bring me to bright hay days from the lurid. The peevish pride you once had as a teenage seems absurd now.(may our…

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Cinema, movies, films, motion picture, talkies or whatever it’s called

As a young boy I always liked to watch movies, I do even now. In fact my mom nostalgically says the only way to keep me quite is to play a VCR cassette(only 1990’s kids know what it is). I remember crying seeing someone committing suicide(sigh*). Slowly I became obsessed with movies. Whenever I entered into cinema hall, the darkness that reminded me of the darkness that every baby feels when it’s in the mother’s womb, then I realized this is where I belong. When I entered my teenage I started researching films, when my friends started preparing for their entrances. I came across the movie “The Man On the Moon” it depicts moon landing and the thing that amazed me was this particular movie was shot even before Armstrong landed on moon. Now that’s the power of cinema, you sit in a dark room and for the next few hours you’re lost in a dreamland, and I don’t wanna get lost in a dreamland I always wanted to create dreamland where people sit back relax and enjoy their journey in my dreamland. Just dreaming to create a dreamland is not enough than I started writing my own screenplays. There are some adaptations and authentic ones too, the next level is to put these things to action.

The art of film making always fascinated me. I always tried to learn about theaters(not the normal cinema halls, place where live drama takes place), music, cinematography, editing. All this are traditionally followed from the beginning. SFX, VFX,digitization, conversion to Dolby, 3D, are upgrades. In the beginning movies where as short as 9-10 minutes man now that’s ridiculous.

Cinematography, a place where everything starts. An ultimate movie needs a cinematographer who can take the place of director’s eyes. This is the most important thing that should be kept in mind by every filmmaker.

Soviet Montage, Montage Sequence wow now those two are weird words for normal cinema goers. These two are actually the various techniques of editing. Editing is the place where the film shot gets life, until then its nothing but crap. An extraordinary film takes birth when thoughts of the director and the editor goes hand in hand. There are two types of movies sequential and non-sequential. Unfortunately people here are used to watch sequential movies(the regular ones, which makes you go what next?? what next??), Non-Sequential movies are rarest kinds, the movie doesn’t go in an order it just goes randomly with prologues, preludes and epilogues later when the film comes to an end the audience have to put the scenes in the right place and then understand.  Quentin Tarantino‘s Pulp Fiction is an ultimate example.

Now comes best part, place where your movie learns to speak. Re-recording studio, here’s where all the dubbing, background score (aka B.G.M.)  takes place. Without this all the movies are dumb, they just can’t convey things. And after all this the movie is complete and enters the post production stage and then the official screening in theaters near you.

Film making is an art where you combine almost all forms of art in a single movie. “Cinema is just light and sound”. We see and hear light and sound everyday but it seems special only in cinemas.That’s the place where Director wins the heart’s of his audience. For me cinema is just magic which can create wonders as a free thinker I feel cinema hall is the only place where there’s equality because you sit next to strangers, you don’t know their economic background, you don’t know their caste, you just don’t know anything that’s why they are called strangers 🙂 . For me movies are my life I’ll give up all that I’ve got for movies. Few movies and director’s i admire The Godfather(trilogy), Pulp Fiction, 12 Year’s a slave, Mandela: Long Walk to freedom, Memento, Reservoir Dogs, Gandhi, Brave heart, The Shawshank Redemption, Seven Pounds, Kill Bill(Vol 1 & 2), A Christmas Carol, The Ten Commandments, Pather Panchali (Bengali), Life is beautiful, Never let me go. Now the makers Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino, Mario Puzzo, Shyam Benegal, Satyajit Ray, Christopher Nolan, Jhonny Depp, Bala to name a few.Image